Promotional Rules



June 2020

Standard Rules for Promotions·        
Guests must have a Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin Players Club Card (unless otherwise noted) and valid, government-issued photo ID to participate and claim all prizes. 
·         A valid photo ID is defined as a Driver’s License; State issued identification card, Military ID, Passport, and or Green Card.
·         All promotions are open to all LLN Players Club members unless otherwise noted.
·         Lady Luck Nemacolin is not responsible for lost, stolen or misused cards, comps or cash-related offers.
·         Must be at least 21 years of age to participate.
·         Guest must be in good status and must not be on exclusion or PA self-exclusion list.
·         All drawings take place under surveillance and will be broadcast throughout the casino and in gaming areas.
·         Promotional entries can only be earned on the specified promotional dates during the specified promotional timeframe.
·         Entries may be obtained by playing slots or table games.  Entry criteria will be defined for each individual promotion.
·         It is the responsibility of the individual players to activate entries in system-generated drawings by swiping at the promotional kiosk or utilizing their Players Club card for rated play within one hour of each drawing, unless otherwise stated in the rules for a specific promotion.  There is no maximum number of entries per day awarded playing slots or tables.
·         Only official entries will be accepted, no reproductions will be allowed.
·         In a non-system generated drawing, the drawing barrel will be emptied at the conclusion of the drawing unless otherwise noted.
·         Guests must be present to win unless otherwise stated.
·         For cash prizes and for prize items valued at over $25, guests will be required to fill out an IRS form W9. 
·         Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin is not responsible for any player tracking system malfunctions or failures.  However, in the event of such an occurrence, Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin will provide entries for slot players and table players in a manner deemed fairest by management.
·         Free Play, Match Play and dining credits are valid one time only and cannot be exchanged for cash.
·         All prizes are non-transferable unless otherwise noted.
·         The winner(s) are responsible for all associated licensing, fees and taxes.
·         Participation in any promotion constitutes the entrant’s agreement to abide by the rules of the promotion.
·         Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin reserves the right to award bonus entries via advertising, direct mail or other promotional means.
·         Only official entries will be accepted.  No reproductions will be allowed.
·         Winners will be announced by a designated marketing or player development employee and will be directed to a specific location in the casino. 
·         Winners will have (5) minutes to claim prize unless otherwise stated in the rules.
·         A designated marketing or player development employee will verify winner’s identity, ensure they are not on the exclusion/PA self-exclusion list and comply with the terms and conditions of the promotion.  Once the winner’s identity and compliance has been verified, a designated marketing or player development employee will award prizes based on the rules for the specific promotion.
·         Hosts, Players Club, Slot attendants (or above), Floor Supervisors (or above) or a designated marketing employee can verify the winner within the allotted time without the winner actually responding to claim the prize within the allotted time.  The player does need to be present and on-property unless stated in the specific promotional rules.  In the event the player must play a game or pick from hidden prizes to determine their prize amount, they must respond within a reasonable timeframe.  Appropriate timeframe to be determined by the designated marketing or player development employee.
·         A casino designee will load Free Play prizes.  Free Play prizes can be downloaded at any machine.  Cash prizes must be redeemed the day they are awarded.  All physical prizes will be issued by a casino designee at the time of the drawing. 
·         Players Club/Cage will issue cash prizes to winners after checking for valid government-issued photo identification and completing all required documentation.
·         Refer to internal control 465a.7 for additional details relating to promotional prizes and procedures.
·         All applicable documentation will be submitted to revenue audit for verification of accuracy and adherence to comp matrix.
·         Participation in any promotion constitutes winner’s consent to the use of winner’s name and/or likeness for advertising and promotional material without additional compensation.
·         Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin may disqualify any person for any prize based upon fraud or violation of promotional rules or other misconduct related to the promotion or otherwise.
·         Management reserves all rights to change, cancel, modify the promotion or drawing with prior notification to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.
·         If unforeseen and unavoidable technical difficulties occur such as power outages,promotional kiosk malfunctions, etc. Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin reserves the right to execute the promotion, select winners or print valid entries through an alternate random method or reschedule the drawing to another available time or date.
·         Participation in a promotion or program with an LLN Players Club Card that is not assigned to the participant voids any awards and/or prizes.
·         Rules are available by request at the Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin Players Club/Cage.
·         Free Play is not valid on table games.
·         Free Play prizes are valid for Thirty (30) days from date of issuance unless otherwise stated.
·         Any dispute or situation not covered by the above rules will be resolved by Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned and that decision shall be final and binding to all contestants Lady Luck Casino – Nemacolin reserves the right to void any entry, and or alter, cancel or modify promotions at any time without prior notice.
New Members – Win $7 to $777 in Free Play
June 12 – June 30 
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1.    All New Member LLN Players Club card sign-ups, meaning those guests that have never had a Lady Luck Casino Players Club card are eligible to participate in this promotion on the calendar day they activate their LLN Players Club membership.
1.     Upon card sign up, the new LLN Players Club members will be entered into the promotion.
2.     Slot rated guests who earn 100 Tier Score or table rated guests who register 30 minutes of rated play will receive an offer for a mystery Free Play prize.
3.     Once the guest earns the 100 Tier Score or plays the required 30 minutes of rated play they must go to any promotional kiosk to redeem their Free Play offer.
4.     The Free Play offer being awarded will range between $7 and $777 Free Play.
5.     Free Play offer will automatically be added to the guests Players Card once they complete the mystery kiosk game and will expire 30 days after issuance.
Email Extravaganza
June 12 – June 30
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions
1.     Any LLCN Player’s Club member who opts in and enters their e-mail address at a promotional kiosk when they receive a kiosk prompt to do so will be awarded $5 Free Play on their next visit.
2.     Guests must swipe at the promotional kiosk on their next visit to redeem the offer.
3.     Valid one time per guest.
Cash Offers
June 12 – June 30 
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1.     Cash offers may be mailed or emailed to Invited Player’s Club Members.
2.     Cash offer is non-transferable and is limited to invited Player’s Club cardholder.
3.     Cash offer limited to dates listed on offer.
4.     Cash offer valid one time only.
Cigarette Pack Giveaway Program
June 12 – June 30 
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1.     To be eligible, LLN Players Club members must have rated play within the prior 365 days.
2.     LLN Players Club members may be awarded pack(s) of cigarettes by receiving a player complimentary based on their play during the eligible time frame.
Off Property Events
June 12 – June 30 
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1.     Offers may include Giveaway items, Free Play, Match Play, Dining Credits or Bonus Entries to Drawings.
2.     Lady Luck Casino will periodically participate in off property events such as fairs, flea markets, picnics, parties etc.
3.     During these events, Lady Luck Casino will offer games such as a wheel spin or picking a hidden prize to win or will simply distribute Giveaway items, Free Play, Match Play, Dining Credits or Entries to Drawings. 
4.     All games are free to participate.  No purchase necessary.  Slot machine or table play is not required.
5.     All items will be provided to guests 21 and up.
6.     While supplies last.
7.     Bonus Entries must be presented at the LLN Players Club during the promotional time frame for entries to be valid.
Random Giveaways
June 12 – June 30
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1.     At random times throughout the month, Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin Employees will randomly issue complimentary tchotchke items to casino guests.
2.     Items May Include key chains, Stress Balls, T-shirts, Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Candy, etc.
LLN Players Club Rules and Regulations
June 12 –  June 30 
In addition to Standard Rules for Promotions:
1      Membership is free.
2      Only 1 person permitted per Players Club membership and rewards are non-transferable.
3.     Membership status is reviewed periodically.  Churchill Downs, Inc. reserves the right to adjust membership status for any reason.
4.     Management reserves the right to edit or adjust memberships and points at any time subject to applicable state gaming laws.
5.     Management reserves the right to revoke or deny membership if the individual has not complied with the program in any manner inclusive of the rules or as a result of any misuse of the Players Club card and programs or any associated Churchill Downs, Inc. player card programs.
6.     To accumulate points on slots or video poker, the Players Club card must be inserted in the machine If the card is removed prior to earning 1 point, the countdown will restart.  To accumulate points on table games the Players Club card must be presented to a table game supervisor.
7.     It is the guest’s responsibility to properly insert his/her Players Club card into the slot machine when playing or to submit it to the table games supervisor prior to commencing play at a table game.
8.     Rated slot and table games play will be eligible to receive Tier Score based on play.
9.     Rated slot and table games play will be eligible to receive reward points based on play.
10.   Tier score points are not redeemable.  Redemption of Reward Points does not affect Tier Score.
11.   Rated Slots and Table games players will earn comps based on play.  Redemption of comps does not affect Tier Score.
12.   Players Club member’s tier level is determined by tier score earned during a 6-month time frame.
13.   Time frames consist of:
a.     January 1st, 2020 through December 31st, 2020
b.     January 1st, 2021 through June 30th, 2021
c.     January 1st, 2021 through December 31st, 2021
14.   Players Club membership reward points will expire 13 months from the last date a member has played.
15.   By participating in the Players Club, players agree to accept all terms and conditions.
16.   All tier levels are eligible to:
a.     Participate in promotions
b.     Receive mail, e-mail and special offers based on play
c.     Earn a daily food credit based on play
d.     Redeem reward points for Free Play, Match Play, Promotional Drawing Entries, Valet, and Food or Drinks
e.     Receive invitations for Free Play and giveaways based on play
17.   In addition to the above, Tiers 2, 3, and 4 are eligible to:
a.     Receive a birthday offer
b.     Receive a daily point multiplier
18.   In addition to the above, Tiers 3 and 4 are eligible to:
a.     Receive priority Players Club/Cage and restaurant service
b.     Receive complimentary check cashing privileges
c.     Receive premium casino beverage service
d.     Eligible for casino hosting
e.     Complimentary Valet
19.   In addition to the above, Tier 4 is eligible to:
a.     Complimentary overnight stays at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort based on play
b.     Access to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort activities and amenities based on play
20.   Reward point redemption value examples are as follows:
a.     5,000 Reward points is equal to $5 Free Play
b.     5,000 Reward points is equal to $5 of F&B items
c.     5,000 Reward points is equal to $5 Match Play
d.    5,000 Reward points is equal to 20 Promotional Drawing Entries*
*Reward only applies during advertised periods of promotional availability.