Blazing 7’s Blackjack Progressive

1. Blazing 777 Progressive is an optional progressive side bet for blackjack.
2. Players must make a standard blackjack bet in order to make a Blazing 777 progressive bet.
3. The Blazing 777 Progressive considers the player’s hand ONLY. If the player does not have at least one 7 in their first two cards, the progressive bet will lose.
4. To begin each round, players must make their standard blackjack wager. They may also place an optional progressive wager. Players must place the progressive wagers on the sensor in front of their betting position. The sensor will light up.
5. The dealer will then follow standard dealing procedures for blackjack.
6. The player’s Blazing 777 wager will win if the hand contains any 7’s in the first two cards. (See paytable).
7. If the player has two 7’s in the first two cards and hits for a third 7, the player will qualify for one of the Three 7’s payouts.
A. Note—The “Two 7’s” payout is based only upon the player’s first two cards.
8. If the player receives two 7’s and choose to split, the Progressive will be based on the two 7s and the third card dealt to that player.
9. If a player busts, the bust card does NOT count toward his/her Blazing 777 bet.

Three Suited 7s100%
Three Same Color 7s10%
Three 7s200 for 1
First two cards-7s25 for 1
First two cards-one 72 for 1

The meter will be reseeded when the 100% award hits.