8 Things Only People Pennsylvania Understand


Mon, Jul 17, 2017


Ronda Vanata



If you’re visiting Pennsylvania from another state, this place may seem like a world of its own. There are certain things about the state that only the locals really understand. Here are eight of them explained to you so you can fit in whenever you visit!

1. Small towns contrast with big city life.

Pennsylvania is home to two large cities: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In addition, there are a few other major cities with large populations. In between those cities lie numerous small towns that often center around farming and a slower way of life.

2. The start of hunting season is a holiday.

Sure, it’s an unofficial holiday, but it counts. The first day of hunting season is a big day in PA. Many adults take off from work and even plan their entire vacation around hunting. Some schools even cancel classes!

3. Pennsylvania sport fans take the game seriously.

It’s best not to show your support for the opposing team whenever there’s a game with a Pennsylvania team. Whether you’re watching football or baseball, you’re sure to encounter some die-hard fans.

4. Don’t argue on the best place to go for a Philly Cheesesteak.

Pennsylvania residents love Philly Cheesesteaks, but each person has their own idea about where to go for the best one. Many agree that their very own local restaurant staple has the best sandwich around!

5. Learn to speak Pennsylvanian with Youse

Instead of saying “y’all” like you hear in the south, it’s ‘youse’ in PA. Expect to hear it repeatedly around Philadelphia, while Pittsburgh residents will change it to “yinz” just to be different.

6. Hersheypark is about more than chocolate.

You may have heard of Hersheypark and know that you can learn the story of how the company came into existence many years ago. However, there is more to Hershey, Pennsylvania than just chocolate. The park boasts some magnificent rides, including 12 roller coasters!

7. Scrapple is a local favorite.

You may not be sure what scrapple is when you hear the word, or even when you see it in person. This is a local food combination made from flour, cornmeal and leftover pork scraps, turned into mush.

8. Get your party on in a fire hall.

In many of the small towns you’ll see across the state, the largest building in town is the fire hall. It is often where people rent a space when they want to host a party, banquet or even a wedding reception.

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